Can you replicate our corporate identity?

Yes! We can replicate your corporate identity and we can even follow any guidelines provided for the use of branding and logo's. By supplying us with an EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file for example, our design department can recreate your corporate identity turning it into your new sign solution.

What will the final product look like?

Upon confirmation of order we can provide you with a photographic representation proposal of your sign.

Will my sign require any maintenance?

The answer to this question is reliant on various factors such as the location of your sign, the type of sign and whether it has lighting elements or not. In general however, all signs should have a basic maintenance schedule, where some might simply require a light cleaning with household detergents, while others might require re-lamping or rewiring. To ensure that your sign retains its looks and functions properly, you should have maintenance scheduled at regular intervals throughout a year.

What will the lifespan of my sign be?

Location and quality of materials are the two biggest deciding factors on how long your sign will last and of course if you make use of regular maintenance opportunities. In general, your sign should last around ten years with regular maintenance and some companies and businesses even opt for a full replacing of their sign every five years.

Do I need my neighbours’ permission to erect an advertising sign on my property or building?

This depends on where your business is located, and whether you need to access a space belonging to the neighbouring business in order to construction, installation and maintenance of your sign. To determine whether you need your neighbours’ permission to erect and install your sign, you should check in with your local municipality as there are rules and regulations that apply to the use of outdoor signage.

What is architectural signage?

Architectural signage is high quality hand and machine crafted signage, generally made from metal but does include the use of glass, hardwoods, various special finishes and usually has a single overall design form and structure. Ranging from Built up lettering made from various metals including metal plates, flat metal lettering and way-finding signage. These can be made through various processes including CNC routing and bending of acrylics. LED lighting is the preferred illumination solution for architectural signage.

What is corporate signage?

Corporate signage is generally considered as signs that are in or around a site that is not a retail environment. The signage tends to be quite large scale and the types of signage that is generally used are also found in both the retail and architectural areas of the sign industry. An example of corporate signage would be a “Monolith sign” which is characterised by their large pillars that display company names and logos in-between the pillars. They are commonly found at the entrances of business complexes in and around industrial areas etc.

What is retail signage?

Retail signage varies greatly in quality and impact. It is generally signage that is at the front of any high street shop ranging from small local stores to national and global chains. They can be made from a variety of materials and incorporate parts from both the architectural signage and corporate signage areas of the industry.

What materials can be used in the construction of my sign?

We have the ability to use many different types of materials, from extruded plastics, acrylics, glass, wood, co-polymers, aluminium, steel and composite materials. Materials are available in various different colours and finishes.

What fonts can i choose from?

We have an extensive archive of fonts to choose from, allowing you to specify the font style. Ragen Capital Edge can suggest what would best suit your company style and we can also recreate old artwork designs.