When creating documentation such as reports, manuals or anything that will have to endure repeated use, you will want to preserve the integrity of your information inside. One way to do this is to use high quality Binding techniques that will not only protect your documentation, but can be used to increase your corporate image.

Binding generally consists of two components, namely your method of attaching your pages together in the preferred arrangement, and of course to protect them with a suitable cover.

From the more cost-effective plastic comb binding methods to wire-o rings and covers ranging from simple plastic or cardboard, to high-finish laminated or embossed hardcovers, there is an endless possibility of choices to suit your specific needs

Assignment3 offers the very best in finishes for your completed documentation, making sure that not only will your visually-appealing materials serve their purpose, but so will the protective binding and covering solutions too.

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  • Preserved Your Documents
  • Increase Image & Visual Appeal
  • Cost Effective