Business Cards & Mini Cards

Although a lot of business does occur online nowadays, the traditional 90x50mm Business Card has definitely not lost its purpose in the business world. When conducting meetings, business proposals or interviews with potential clients, it is important that all your necessary contact details and business name is conveyed to the client. This easiest way without having to write it all down is by the use of a business card.
In the past, most business cards were characterised by a minimalistic approach of black-on-white details of a business’s name, address and telephone contact details. The business cards of today have seen much of a stylised upgrade as printing technologies have improved vastly.
Business cards can feature advanced printing such as high detail imagery, gold-foil embossing and can feature on a number of different type of card materials that are glossy, matt or laminated.
Mini-cards are becoming the new trendy cards on the block. Mini-cards benefit from both worlds, where you can have all your essential business details on the card, high detail imagery and attractive design, and a minimalistic smaller card that easily fits in any pocket or wallet.

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  • Ensures Clients Always Have Your Details
  • Increase Brand Strength
  • Increase Professional Image
  • Less Fuss
  • Cost Effective
  • Versatile