CNC Cut Lettering

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Cut Lettering is known to produce very intricate typographical designs that are accurate down to a fraction of a millimetre. This is made possible by the use of a computer controlled routing machine that designates coordinates along the material and then runs a high-speed tungsten carbide spinning cutter along the desired path. Compared to attempting this feat by hand, CNC routing machines are efficient and cost effective.

There are a number of materials that are generally used in CNC Cut Lettering, such as wood, composites, aluminium, steel and various plastics. 

Customizability is a strong benefit of CNC routing. Not only can you create lettering with any required thickness, but the CNC router can be configured to create impressive engravings on metals or plastics for example, or create long-term aluminium stencils for industry use. The choices are endless.

Since a CNC router machine operates with the highest level of precision based off an original design template, you are guaranteed that every single consequent cut-out letter will be an exact match to the previous one in terms of mass production. This is important if you are providing signage to a franchise chain and need precisely the same signage for every client.

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  • Intricate Designs
  • Unmatched Precision
  • Superb Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness
  • Identical Reproductions