Z-Cards & Model Cards

If you’re not in “the Biz”, that’s to say – In tourism and modelling, chances are you will be slightly foreign to what these two marvels of modern printing are. If you’ve ever driven long distance, or travelled abroad and gotten yourself one of those nifty compact maps that folds neatly in-between two cards then you have met the Z-card.

Tying together the usefulness of a large detailed spread and the convenience of easy pocket-storage, Z-cards allow you to create relatively large prints that can be carrierd around by clients and customers without becoming too cumbersome.

Utilising a unique folding system that allows the inner print to be stored between two cardboard or plastic cards, you will ensure that the prints withstand the test of time while being used by the customer.

A traditional Z-Card is generally used for maps and tourist information, while model cards can feature a mixture of basic model profile pictures and information.

The outer protective cards not only serve as a means to protect the inner print, but act as an additional platform for high detailed graphics, contact details and further information.

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  • Compact
  • Convenient
  • Large Collapsible Print
  • Image/Information Capitalisation