We Care

How We Care

We at Ragen Capital Edge are overly committed to our work, making sure that each and every product that rolls out of our facility surpasses industry standards and is of the highest quality possible.

Our work is what drives our ambitions, pushing ever further to create signage and printed goods that keeps our customers coming back for more, but what makes us truly passionate is giving back to our community.

We believe that success should not be squandered, but shared with those who have little, or nothing. This is why we make an on-going effort to help our local charities, donating shoes, clothing and food where it’s needed the most.

How We Work

Ragen Capital Edge is a team of hard-working, talented and tremendously committed people. With most of us having an advanced background in creative design, every product that we deliver is a work of art, from our printed business cards to our highly durable and eye-appealing light box signage.

We are very process orientated. Starting off with a meeting, we analyse your needs and desires, move swiftly towards conceptualization, design and then the production phase.

Every step of the way is handled with a high attention to detail, making sure that at the end, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Throughout the various phases of our production, we keep close contact with our clients in order to stay on the right course, and in case they require any changes – This way we avoid many pitfalls that other signage companies experience.